Facebook Unveils New All-in-One VR Headset Oculus Quest

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Zuckerberg said the Oculus Quest will launch next spring with 50-plus titles-included a Star Wars-related game that focuses on Darth Vader-and offer "Rift-quality experiences". VR so far has attracted people interested in playing video games on them, but Zuckerberg believes it's only a matter of time before outside developers introduce other applications that will help lure people into buy one of Oculus' three different headsets to enter artificial realms. The device also features full roomscale tracking and PC-like motion controls. Notably absent was the Gear VR headset, which was created through a partnership with Samsung and Oculus.

That's the same price as Oculus' current Rift bundle, £100 less than a Vive, and a whopping £400 less than a Vive Pro, and that's not including the relatively high-end PC you'd need to power them. Oculus Quest also works with the same Oculus Touch controllers so that you can interact with VR content naturally. Insight gives you a greater sense of immersion, presence, and mobility, plus the ability to go beyond room-scale.

Like the Oculus Go, the Oculus Quest is a wireless, standalone VR headset.

Why it matters: Project Santa Cruz is now Oculus Quest, Facebook's next standalone VR headset.

The Oculus Quest will complete the first generation of Oculus products.

Seeing as we have no real idea what date that actually translates to, it's hard to pinpoint exactly when to expect Oculus Quest to launch.

Anshel Sag, an analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, said the Quest could make it easier to get into virtual reality gaming at a reasonable price. While Oculus Go simply measures head movements and Rift made use of three Oculus Camera trackers to map a room-size space, Quest can assess a room and make a playable area with nothing but its built-in sensors. However, due to the form factor, we expect it to be similar to the Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered Oculus Go, especially given the limited 64GB on-board storage.