Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing Day 2

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Hatch asked Kavanaugh to give examples of when he ruled against the Bush administration after being appointed to the appeals court.

"The Supreme Court must never, never be viewed as a partisan institution", Kavanaugh said.

Kavanaugh also refused to say whether he thinks a president can pardon himself - or provide a pardon in exchange for a bribe or pardon someone on the understanding that the person wouldn't testify against the president. Kavanaugh promised a "completely open mind" if such issues came before him as a Supreme Court justice.

70 people-mostly women-were willing to stand up and be arrested for the opportunity to make their voices heard yesterday. "So sad to see!" Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa declined to request Kavanaugh's staff secretary records, which cover a 35-month period of Kavanaugh's work that he has described as "among the most interesting and most formative" in his career. Protestors also made multiple appearances that were impossible to ignore.

"This is a travesty of justice!" shouted one. Capitol Police on Tuesday removed 61 protesters opposed to Kavanaugh from the room and charged them with disorderly conduct.

Republicans hope to confirm Kavanaugh by October 1, the first day of the Supreme Court's new term. We can not and should not confirm a justice who believes the president's views carry the day.

Senior Democrat Dianne Feinstein questioned in her opening remarks on Tuesday whether the nominee would leave the landmark Roe v Wade abortion law untouched if confirmed.

Cruz said his Democratic colleagues were trying to relitigate the results of the 2016 election.

Still, many are fearful about his potential presence on the court, and so protestors donned clothes that looked like Margaret Atwood's characters from The Handmaid's Tale, a story about women living in a totalitarian society where they are afforded no freedom or agency.

But Kavanaugh's nomination languished for three years, as Democrats fumed over his participation in Bush's recount team.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, left, speaks with Sen.

Republicans hold a slim Senate majority and can confirm Kavanaugh if they stay united. Richard Blumenthal of CT, "selecting a justice on the Supreme Court who potentially will cast a decisive vote in his own case".

If confirmed, Kavanaugh is expected to move the court, which already had a conservative majority, further to the right.

Pressed by Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, Kavanaugh defended a ruling he took part in that issued an order preventing a 17-year-old illegal immigrant, detained by USA authorities in Texas, from immediately having an abortion.

"After the president nominated Judge Kavanaugh, I said this would be the most thorough and transparent confirmation process in history", said Grassley.

Kavanaugh sat, fingers intertwined, quietly staring ahead at the committee members as audience members screamed while being dragged out of the hearing room. Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowsi, one of the swing votes that could stop the nomination, dismissed the Tuesday's protests as "a lot of drama", according to the outlet. "We shouldn't have to put up with this kind of stuff". But the Democratic frustrations that boiled over on September 4 had been simmering for more than two years.

Republican Senators fell in line behind Kavanaugh, but interestingly Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ)-who is not seeking reelection and has been a critic of President Trump-seconded Democrats concerns about Trump's threats to the rule of law and democratic norms.

The Supreme Court's decisions are all interconnected, and overturning Roe - as President Trump has guaranteed his nominee to the Supreme Court would do - would have a ripple effect on other essential rights that often impact our daily lives.

Nonetheless, Democrats successfully delayed much of the hearing with long-winded speeches blasting Kavanaugh on the merits of his rulings, writings, and beliefs.

"The fact that we can not take a few days or weeks to have a complete review of Judge Kavanaugh's record is unfair to the American people", Sen. The Supreme Court's new term begins October 1.