Arizona congressman blasts siblings who endorsed opponent

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Gosar is estranged from a lot of them due to his hard-line positions on such issues as immigration ("it would be hard to see my brother as anything but a racist", Grace Gosar says in another ad), as well as his conspiracy theories, including that the Charlottesville white supremacist rally was organized by "the left" and George Soros (their letter on that here).

The television ad from Democrat David Brill combines video interviews with Gosar-family siblings who ask voters to usher Paul Gosar out of office because he has broken with the family's values.

David Brill David Gosar, brother of Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), says his sibling "doesn't appear to be well". Another said he traded in everything he learned around the family kitchen table.

The ad featuring Rep. Gosar's siblings endorsing Brill was paid for by Brill for Congress and approved by Brill.

Gosar is now calling himself "Mom's favorite" because, after six of his brothers and sisters insulted his policies and endorsed his opponent, his mother came forward to say that she will definitely vote for him.

But what if those family members wanted nothing to do with you? Gosar also told Vice that 88-year-old Soros, who survived German-occupied Hungary, had "turned in his own people to the Nazis"-a common slander against Soros by conspiracy theorists".

She said that she had a "wonderful family", but that the Gosar children in the videos did not relate politically to Paul Gosar or herself.

Paul Gosar did not respond to a request for comment sent to his spokeswoman.

Six of Gosar's nine siblings are helping his Democratic opponent by starring in a series of campaign messages.

"These disgruntled Hillary (Clinton) supporters are related by blood to me but like leftists everywhere, they put political ideology before family", he wrote on Twitter. "To the six angry Democrat Gosars - see you at Mom and Dad's house!". His brother Pete, a Democrat who did not participate in the Brill campaign videos, ran unsuccessfully for Wyoming governor in 2014.

"My siblings who chose to film ads against me are all liberal Democrats who hate President Trump", Gosar said. David Gosar said that their parents, who are in their 80s, are Republicans and support his brother. "Stalin would be proud", he tweeted.

Seven of his siblings accuse him of being a white supremacist and they've had it. The siblings said they were upset by Gosar's views on a range of issues but especially on healthcare and medicare.

Paul Gosar's siblings, however, disagreed.

He faces an uphill battle for the seat; Gosar trounced his Democratic opponent in the deep-red district in 2016, receiving 71.5 per cent of the votes.