Xbox All Access: What you need to know

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Crunching the numbers, Xbox All Access is a solid deal - the Xbox One S package costs $528 for 24 months, while buying your own Xbox One S ($230), and two years of Xbox Live ($120) and Game Pass ($240) would set you back $590.

In a blog post, Microsoft notes that it is a "limited-time offer for qualified customers" that offers 0 percent April for the 24 month period with no additional upfront costs to join. Microsoft also said that Xbox All Access users will be able to keep their consoles at the end of the 24-month subscription.

Here are all of the bundles Microsoft announced at the show, including one that contains a special edition Xbox One X, along with their release dates and prices.

The deal is available exclusively at Microsoft stores (in-store only) and requires a Dell Preferred Account (DPA).

Microsoft's head of gaming services Ben Decker has stated that the Game Pass subscription is not meant to be the "Netflix of video games", and will only ever have a hundred or so titles on the service. The Xbox One S bundle, priced $22 (£17) a month, is about a $130 (£100) cheaper than buying everything it includes.

In 2012, towards the end of the Xbox 360's life span, Microsoft unveiled the "Entertainment for All" plan, which included an Xbox 360 (4GB model) and 24 months of Xbox Live Gold.

If you still don't have an Xbox One S, you can purchase one on Amazon.

Microsoft has four stores in Washington, including two in Seattle, one in Lynnwood and one in Bellevue. When "Forza Horizon 4" drops later this year, for example, Game Pass subscribers will get it on day one for no additional charge. All new Xbox One S 1TB or Xbox One X consoles, including bundles are eligible with the offer, so the choice is yours. Piecemeal, including the $499 console, you can expect to pay $858.74. The price is thought to start at $34.99 per month based on a subscription term of 24 months. Remember, both consoles play all the same games. There's little doubt the up-front cost of consoles is high, especially when you look at the Xbox One X which still goes for the $500 that it was launched at nearly a year ago.

Microsoft's Game Pass is a service that offers fantastic value. As with all contracts that require a monthly payment, you obviously want to a do a bit of financial planning before you commit. Through All Access, you'll pay $839.76, saving about $20.