White House flags back at full-staff after McCain death

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While Trump and McCain had an infamously contentious relationship - including the time when the then-presidential candidate mocked the Arizona Republican for getting captured while fighting in the Vietnam War - the president did not bury the hatchet after McCain's passing.

McCain died on Saturday of brain cancer.at the age of 81.

McCain had established himself as a dissenting voice against many features of Trump's presidency - including his relationship with Russian Federation, and the American Health Care Act, which McCain decisively voted against in 2017.

McCain's burial is scheduled for Sunday at the Naval academy.

"Camera shot facing south over the White House - you can see the flag at the WH at full staff while the flags surrounding the Washington Monument are lowered", Travers tweeted.

After Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy of MA died in 2009, President Barack Obama ordered flags at the White House be flown at half-staff for five days.

Flag back at full staff atop WH.

"It's outrageous that the White House would mark American hero John McCain's death with a two-sentence tweet, making no mention of his heroic and inspiring life", Joe Chenelly, the executive director of veterans advocacy group AMVETS, said in a statement.

In Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam ordered Virginia flags to be flown at half-staff over the state capitol and all local, state, and federal buildings and grounds until September 2nd in memory of McCain.

Trump, who regularly denounces that vote at his rallies, earlier this month repaid his nemesis by signing the John McCain National Defense Authorization Act without ever speaking the name of the person it was meant to honor.

- Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) August 27, 2018White house flag is now at full staff for those of you who really care about kneeling and respect and all that.

Flags have returned to full-staff at the White House following the death of John McCain. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) death on Saturday. My stomach churned with a deep sickening for Trump.