Senate Dems Will End Boycott, Meet With Kavanaugh To Push Doc Requests

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"As I've continued to say, one of the most important jobs of any USA senator is to fully vet any nominee to serve on the Supreme Court, the highest court in our land", Heitkamp said in a statement. He instead speculated that the Archives would be able to meet Grassley's request over a prolonged stretch, writing that "we can complete our review of the textual records and the subset of White House Counsel Office emails "from" Kavanaugh (approximately 49,000 emails) - totaling roughly 300,000 pages - by approximately August 20, 2018, and now expect to be able to complete the remaining 600,000 pages by the end of October 2018, all of which would then be followed by notification to the PRA representatives".

Feinstein's office added on Friday that that while the California senator has said she will meet with Kavanaugh, they had "no details on timing" for when the meeting will take place. In response, Bush representative William Burck wrote a letter to Schumer this week saying that the former president has requested a "thorough review" of documents, with representatives from three major law firms vetting the records before they're turned over to Congress.

At Politico Magazine, "liberal Democrat and feminist" Supreme Court practitioner Lisa Blatt calls Kavanaugh "the most qualified conservative for the job" and urges Democrats to "quit attacking Kavanaugh-full stop".

The Archives will be able to deliver about 300,000 of the requested docs detailing Kavanaugh's tenure in the George W. Bush administration by August 20.

Even before Thursday's letter from the National Archives, Republicans blasted the Democratic demands as delay tactics. "We don't know what they've held back, or why".

"I have told my caucus that I'm waiting, and I think majority are following me", Schumer told The New York Times last month. They cover Kavanaugh's time in the White House counsel office and his nomination to be a judge.

Particularly concerning to Democrats are Kavanaugh's writings on the special counsel law after his experience on Kenneth Starr's team investigating President Bill Clinton. "We're going to see a submission of documents over the next several weeks that will be the equivalent of the documentation that have been submitted in total for the last five Supreme Court nominees".

The chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Sen.

"He's got all the legal credentials you'd ever want in a Supreme Court Justice", said Hatch. "I'm exhausted of partisanship, and frankly, we didn't treat their candidates for these positions the way they're treating ours".

In addition to questioning Kavanaugh on issues like health care and executive authority - two areas Democrats have seized on in the Supreme Court fight - they will ask Kavanaugh to support releasing his files from his work in the Bush administration, according to the aide.