Sears to close in College Station

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Sears Holdings, which owns Kmart, says it is closing 46 more stores in November, reports CNBC.

Sears said in a release that it would be closing 46 "unprofitable" stores in total in November.

One location in MI is on the chopping block: Sears at the Jackson Crossing Shopping Center off I-94 in Jackson.

Liquidation sales at the stores may start as early as Thursday, Aug. 30.

Sears is continuing to evaluate its network of stores and "will make further adjustments as needed", their statement reads.

Lampert has described the deal as "critical" for Sears. The company declined to say how long that lease would be at the time, however it did note it should have no impact on its operations. The company has already closed hundreds of stores and shaved more than $1 billion from annual expenses. The company is now headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Ill.

Sears located at 11800 SE 82nd Avenue in Happy Valley, 8800 NE Vancouver Mall Drive in Vancouver and K-mart located at 440 Northwest Burnside Road in Gresham were among the list. The company's share prices have fallen 85% over the past year as people shun malls for online shopping.