Nivedita Gowda deletes her Kiki Challenge video after getting slammed by fans

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The Delhi Police on Tuesday tweeted advisory over urging netizens to not take up the social media challenge '#InMyFeelings challenge', in order to avoid accidents on road.

22-year-old Jaylen Norwood from Florida was planning to jump on a auto hood and keep dancing, but he slipped on an oil slick right before the vehicle hit him, according to Fox 8. The "Kiki dance challenge" thrown by Canadian rapper Drake, involves jumping out of a moving vehicle and dancing alongside it to his song "In My Feelings".

The Makor news site said one of the companies has now removed its advert while the other has altered its advertisement. Jaylen Norwood risked his life while doing the viral dance when he got hit by a vehicle.

Authorities around the world have issued warnings to not attempt the Kiki challenge. Also called the 'In my Feelings Challenge', a person has to dance to the first few lines of Drake's track along a moving auto and then jump back into the vehicle. One American teen fractured her skull after attempting the challenge at a roundabout. "So apparently I got out and tripped and fell and hit my head".

The Gujarat Police too in the past has issued a notification asking people not to take the challenge.

Anna, who graduated from Pleasant Valley this year, has been dancing since she was just 3.

"We were over by the roundabout, and I thought it would be a fun idea to do the Kiki Challenge", Worden told the news station about the July 23 incident. Anna could be discharged from the hospital in the next few days but she still has a long road ahead with her recovery. "I will always remember that", said Mike Worden.

Now, she says she's learned a lesson about partaking in popular trends and fads.

The actress said that she performed the stunt without realising that there was a ban on accepting the challenge. She says they may seem fun and easy but they could also be unsafe. She was unconscious and rushed to a hospital.