Fortnite is about to get a new heavy sniper rifle

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But as rumours anticipated, Fortnite Beta on Android finally arrived with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but it's not entirely exclusive as expected. Videos such as the one shown above show how tantalisingly close you are to playing a great third-person shooter on your tiny device. Below that, the Play Store links the product page for Battle Breakers, an RPG strategy game from Epic that was announced in February 2017 but has yet to surface in playable form.

While APK Mirror claims to ensure all of its available downloads are safe, it doesn't come with the safety guarantee that the Play Store does.

Even though Epic Games will share instructions on how to download Fortnite Beta on Android from its official website, the process is going to be pretty standard. This is why the installer for "Fortnite Android" will ask players to turn off the access that it was granted while installing the app once it is done. Once "Fortnite" is widely available on Android, Sensor Tower expects its launch revenue will closely mirror the first several months of the App Store. This is how to install Fortnite on your Android phone. But, There are some way where you need to invest your money. Avoid downloading any app that claims otherwise, because it may be created to spy on you and steal your personal information.

To bypass the limitations of Epic Games is preparing a separate page to download Fortnite Battle Royale bypassing Google Play. That's it you will now get an email that will guide you to install Fortnite.

Since the game launched, there's a been a huge demand from fans of the game for a Fortnite Heavy Sniper rifle to make an appearance in the popular Battle Royale mode. Yeah, we know. Although the game has been up and running on other platforms, it's still in beta on Android.

For those that don't know, each week Epic Games releases three challenges for free and four challenges for Battle Pass owners.

As you can see, the Heavy Sniper Rifle is a beast of a weapon, as it is able to blast structures of different kinds away easily.