Donald Trump's Slovenian in-laws become United States citizens

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He confirmed that the first lady sponsored their green cards.

According to The New York Times, Mr Wildes labelled family-based migration "a bedrock of our immigration process", and when asked if the pair had gained citizenship through the system, he reportedly replied: "I suppose".

If he was, indeed, so adamantly opposed to allowing USA citizens born overseas to bring their relatives legally, why would he be OK with his wife doing the very same? In November, he tweeted, "CHAIN MIGRATION must end now!"

"Some people come in, and they bring their whole family with them, who can be truly evil".

"He said, 'Hey look, there's people, nice people, they're relaxing, some are jogging, '" Donald Trump said during a rally last week in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, lamenting the lives lost and injured.

President Trump has previously spoken out against family-based migration, calling instead for a system that prioritises professionals and skilled migrants over relatives of...

Her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, declined to comment.

Standing alongside the Knavses, their lawyer said the couple had "travailed a wonderful journey, like most have, millions have in getting citizenship and waiting the requisite period of time".

Watch:The application, the process, the interview was no different than anybody else's other than the security arrangements to facilitate today. "This is an example of it going right".

Chain migration is a insane immigration process that allows US citizens to sponsor immediate family members for legal residency.

According to news reports, she entered the country in 2001 on a so-called Einstein visa for "individuals of extraordinary ability" as a model.

Melania Trump became a US citizen in 2006 after marrying Trump the year before.

The Federal Building also houses immigration court and the local offices of the Department of Homeland Security, and its subsidiary, Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

She settled in NY in 1996 and met Trump two years later.

It is unclear as to when or how the couple received green cards.

Under immigration law, Melania Trump's parents would need to have possessed green cards for at least five years before they could apply for citizenship.

Just months ago, on May 2, the couple was seen at a federal building in NY with their immigration attorney, Michael Wildes.

Back in February, the Washington Post reported Melania's parents had become legal permanent residents, had obtained green cards, and were awaiting scheduling for their naturalization oath.

Typically, naturalisation ceremonies at 26 Federal Plaza are large events, where groups of immigrants are sworn in as citizens en masse, after reciting an oath and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Their attorney, Michael Wildes, called the couple "beautiful people" and took a moment to draw attention to the process of legal immigration.

The Knavses raised Melania, born Melanija, in the rural industrial town of Sevnica while Slovenia was under communist rule.