China hits back at Trump’s ‘absurd logic’ on N. Korea denuclearization

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"This logic is not easily understood by all".

President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused China of complicating Washington's relationship with North Korea but says his relationships with Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un are great.

Speaking at the White House on Wednesday, Trump said: "China makes it much more hard in terms of our relationship with North Korea". Trump added that his relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was a "very good and warm one", refusing to criticise him. He said he believed Pyongyang was under "tremendous pressure" from China, due to its ongoing trade dispute with the United States, and that Beijing was also supplying the North Korean regime with "considerable aid", including fuel, fertilizer and commodities.

Trump then seemed to take a more amicable tone as he said that - despite North Korea's current failure to return concessions - there is "no reason" right now to spend loads of money on USA military exercises with South Korea. "This is not helpful!" he tweeted on Wednesday.

In yet another episode of White House officials contradicting their leader, the comments were at odds with Defense Secretary James Mattis on Tuesday, who said the drills would not be suspended for the time being.

Hua said that China has reiterated its position on the issue. It follows Trump accusing China of "pressuring" Pyongyang.

In June, Trump and Kim pledged to work toward the "complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula" although their joint statement was short on details for how that might be achieved.

Taking to Twitter, President Trump pointed directly at China as the source for stalled progress after the summit in Singapore.

Trump's statement focused on China's role in efforts to get North Korea to denuclearize.

Also causing snags is the resistance within the Trump administration to signing a peace declaration.