Apple Will Introduce The Latest iPhone on September 12

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The iPhone XS will purportedly be offered in a 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch model.

Although the iPhone business is making more money than ever, the number of iPhones that Apple is selling isn't growing as fast as it did in the early days of the smartphone market. The new Apple Watch models will include larger screens that cover almost the entire front of the watch. In fact, the event, where the next iPhones are expected to be launched, will be again at the Steve Jobs theatre adjoining the new Apple Campus. This iPhone is also expected to only have a single rear camera. If you thought the company would take advantage of the increased real estate on its upcoming smartphones and add support for the stylus, you might be disappointed. But excluding Pencil support might not be that big of a deal for iPhone users, especially if that feature isn't accompanied by a redesign of Apple's Pencil, an iPad accessory that seemingly embraces form over function compared to similar styli from the competition.

Based on the invite that went out, it appears the iPhone will be the primary focus of the event.

Apple has for years released its new phone models in the second week of September, and often updates other product lines such as the Apple Watch at the event.

Apple's clever 3D Touch feature has seen mixed success since its introduction in 2015 with the iPhone 6s.

Oh, and Apple will probably finally ship the AirPower wireless charger a year after it was announced. As other phone makers rush to copy the iPhone X's distinctive design, customers are beginning to feel a bit left out if their phone's screen isn't sporting a notch, and are more willing to upgrade from their old devices.