Amazon Prime Discontinuing 20% Video Game Pre-Order Discount

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Amazon announced today that its 20-percent discount on pre-orders would be discontinued on August 28. Now it gives members a gift card for a future purchase.

Cutting corners: One attractive perk to being an Amazon Prime member besides the free shipping is discounts on pre-orders for upcoming video games and some newer but already released titles. Though you might not earn as much back as you do on a $60 game with the current discount, the upcoming offer will be available for digital game pre-orders too, whereas the current one is only for standard physical games. And before you think you can take advantage of this, the credit is canceled if you return the game.

Amazon raised the price of Prime earlier this year in the United States, so it's now time for the other shoe to drop. A Reddit thread on the change is full of gamers threatening to kill their Prime subscriptions over the elimination of the 20 percent discount. Depending on how many games that ends up being, this could severely cut the savings Prime members receive when buying new games.

Twitch Prime members with monthly subscriptions will continue to get ad-free viewing until October 15; those who already have an annual subscription (or those who upgrade to an annual subscription before September 14) will continue with ad-free viewing until their next renewal date.

"Advertising is an important source of support for the creators who make Twitch possible", Twitch wrote in its announcement to subscribers. Once you get that credit, you can use it on nearly anything that Amazon sells, not just games.

Just like with nearly every other entertainment platform, Twitch has announced that their Prime subscription service will be removing its universal ad-free viewing status, including advertisements for all new members starting September 14. In other words, you have a week to pre-order games and still get the 20% off discount. "The reason? A re-evaluation of existing benefits as the company "[continues] to add value to Twitch Prime".