The Rock's 'Skyscraper' isn't great, but it doesn't need to be

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Gibson isn't the only "Fast and Furious" star Johnson has been caught up in drama with.

Where Skyscraper is different to the previous Dwayne Johnson movies is that it's just not as amusing as the previous two.

Johnson eventually belted out the Samoan track, admitting to Colbert: "I will say for the record, I've never looked a man directly in the eye when I sang that". No, we haven't talked at all, and, ya know, that whole thing with Tyrese was pretty disappointing because I'd been friends with Tyrese for a very long time.

Dwayne Johnson has revealed that after reaching the heights of fame as WWE wrestler The Rock, he was asked to drop the nickname.

Of the film, he added: "There's two sides to this".

After leaving the WWE, Johnson has starred in huge blockbusters like the Fast and Furious and G.I. Joe franchises as well as hits like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Moana and Rampage.

The "Late Show" host, who usually dedicates his monologue to making fun of President Donald Trump and other politicians, couldn't resist asking the star of "Skyscraper" if he actually takes the possibility of running for the presidency seriously.

"People with disabilities are 20 percent of the world's population, and their representation in popular entertainment will help reduce the stigma they face in society", he said. Johnson replied, "I'll plead the fifth". It just becomes a little hard to believe and coming out of the film, I've come to think that it's all quite silly. However we're not sure whether that's better or worse than almost being squished to death by two doors slamming shut on you as you try to slip through. When I tweeted that, I was told that the president was just about to walk on at his press conference in 30 seconds.

Where the film does do well though is in its action sequences.

When you see Shazam! in theaters, don't expect Black Adam to show up.