Sony's Spider-Man PS4 is Very Nice

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The new PS4 Pro Spider-Man console is available soon, but how do you get one?

The trend of exclusive limited edition Playstation 4 bundles continues with the upcoming release of Marvel's Spider-Man.

Sony has taken the wraps off of its latest limited edition PS4, with the Spider-Man console now announced and set to be made available for pre-order as of today if you're in the United States or Canada. Spider Man PS4 has even offered her another chance to tick off a who's who of iconic characters by lining her up as the new Mary Jane voice actor.

Spider-Man comes out September 7th exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It'll also include a physical copy of the game and a digital code for "The City That Never Sleeps DLC".

Fans can grab this bundle as a preorder right now for $399. These three are in addition to the existing trio shown in the first trailer: Miles Morales (voiced by Shameik Moore), Peter Parker (voiced by Jake Johnson), and Spider-Gwen aka Gwen Stacy (voiced by Hailee Steinfeld). This glow-in-the-dark suit is an original design made specifically for the game, and it's the only suit in the pack without any connections to the movies or comics.

If you have been waiting to get your hands on a new PS4, now might be the time to splash out and grab a console, as the PS4 is capable of stunning 4K for all your web-slinging needs.

Lastly, there's the Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro Bundle. Sony really knows how to appeal to gamers, though, because I think they've upped the ante a bit with the Spider-Man look. After eight years behind the mask, Peter Parker is a crime-fighting master. Meanwhile, if your TV supports high-dynamic range (HDR), you'll experience vibrant special effects like Mister Negative's negative powers, and brilliant lighting across a picturesque Manhattan.