Canadians Rally Around Retaliatory Tariffs Aimed At The U.S.

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-China trade dispute. Canada sends three quarters of its exports to the United States, so any slowdown in American growth will affect Canada.

The aid package - more than twice the value of last year's plan to help the softwood lumber industry - was announced at the same time the government confirmed plans to impose $16.6-billion in "dollar-for-dollar" countermeasures on USA goods.

Aside from tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the us, dozens of additional consumer goods will be subject to 10 per cent duties - from ketchup, to lawn mowers, to playing cards. "I don't want to show up to something that I don't feel comfortable with from a principle point of view of seeing what's happening with these constant threats to our steel industry, aluminum, our vehicle industry, the dairy industry, and I've sent my regrets".

"We're ready, really, for pretty much anything", Freeland concluded, suggesting plans are drawn up in the event that the USA imposes more tariffs.

The Trudeau government intensified Friday its trade fight with U.S. President Donald Trump, posting an extensive final hit list of $16.6-billion worth of American imports that will be slapped with retaliatory tariffs this weekend.

Ms Freeland said USA tariffs left Canada "no choice" but to respond.

The federal government is offering big spending measures to help the Canadian steel, aluminum, and manufacturing industries weather the storm of the new American tariffs.

The federal government has also doubled its work-sharing agreement, Hajdu said, from 38 to 76 weeks in addition to other assistance measures.

Increasing funding to the provinces and territories to increase the capacity of the job and training programs available to workers affected by the US measures.

Among the actions the chamber recommends are continuing to pursue the case through the World Trade Organization (WTO), trying to open new markets to Canadian goods beside the US and making concessions to the Americans on areas such as supply management in dairy. Business people warned Canadian lawmakers this week that an escalation into an all-out trade war would be devastating to the Canadian economy, which sends about 75 percent of its exports to the US. Canada has already taken steps to address diversion and dumping into the Canadian market and will work with all affected stakeholders on next steps to protect our workers and companies. The EU imported €256.2 billion in goods from the U.S., and exported €375.8 billion.

The Canadian tariffs are created to hit products like steel and bourbon from states like OH and Kentucky that heavily favored Trump in the presidential election. "But from the US perspective, it took the threat of tariffs to do that, to prod Canada toward that goal".

In response, the European Union has developed a list of products it may subject to retaliatory tariffs.

Retaliatory tariffs on C$16.6bn worth of United States products are due to come into effect on 1 July. "We will be pushing the federal government to ensure that our industry and businesses are supported first and foremost through this steel tariff dispute".

"The Government of Canada supports our country's steel and aluminum workers and their families".

"Canada's aluminum and steel industries are vital to our economic prosperity and support well-paying middle class jobs".

"Our government stands by you".

"Working in partnership with industry and business associations, we will provide capacity support to assist Canadian companies [to] tap into the new markets now uniquely open to them in Europe, Asia and around the world", said International Trade Minister François-Philippe Champagne.