Top Fox TV Producers Criticize Fox News Over Immigration Commentary

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In light of Seth MacFarlane's tweets this weekend expressing his embarrassment at working for Fox and condemnation of Fox News' Tucker Carlson's diatribe against trusting all non-Fox News media, the "Family Guy" creator has followed up with a counter-tactic against the network.

"In other words, don't think critically, don't consult multiple news sources, and in general, don't use your brain".

Conservative commentators on Fox News have spoken in support of the policy. "This is fringe s**t, and it's business like this that makes me embarrassed to work for this company".

Levitan quoted MacFarlane's tweet on Sunday and said, "I couldn't agree more". "This bullshit is the opposite of what #ModernFamily stands for". Apatow tweeted Monday. "Imagine if it was your kids".

Powerful entertainment creators connected to the Fox network recently joined forces to denounce Fox News. That family promotes evil ideas and greed and corruption. "We are thankful to all who support quality, independent journalism", the statement reads.

Judd Apatow is continuing to put pressure on Hollywood to demand that FOX News discontinue their biased coverage of the news- specifically their recent coverage of Trump's immigration policy. Last November, he switched agencies from WME to CAA, as he started negotiations on a potential new overall deal with Fox TV. "Now that includes supporting the kidnapping of children". Who is he to criticize anyone? He also produced Netflix's fourth season of "Arrested Development", which originally aired on Fox.

KPCC also manages outlets like the popular LAist brand, which expressed huge gratitude for the donation in an article on Tuesday.

Actor Adam Scott, who now stars in Fox's "Ghosted", also chastised Fox News following Ingraham's summer camp comparison.

Feig tweeted, "I have made two films for 20th Century Fox and love the people in the movie and TV divisions. How can you remain silent when they promote these policies?"

Such open criticism of Fox News coming from within Fox's own creative community marks an unusual level of discord within a sprawling media company that has long managed to contain a wide range of dissenting viewpoints.