Meghan Markle’s elegant beige dress perfectly complements Queen Elizabeth’s lime green ensemble

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During an official visit to Chester with Queen Elizabeth (just the two of them - Harry wasn't even invited!), she paired her cream-colored Givenchy dress with off-white polish on her fingers.

She told The Express: "Meghan's mirroring of Kate now involves wardrobe and body language mimicry and this reflects a degree of submission to show a desire for rapport and team acceptance. It's definitely too early to confirm if Meghan will continue to turn to Ms. Keller and Givenchy for her future stylings, but today was definitely a good steer in that direction, with Meghan pairing a Givenchy belt and bag with her bespoke dress". They did, however, match accessories, specifically their pearl earrings.

It's believed the dainty earrings are from the Queen's very own collection of jewellery.

The Queen's private secretary, Eddie Young, and her new assistant private secretary, Matthew Magee traveled to Cheshire on board the Royal Train on Wednesday.

Queen Elizabeth stepped off the train in Cheshire, wearing a lime green Stewart Parvin dress and jacket with a matching hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan.

But for many, the fashion highlight of the royal wedding was the long, white Stella McCartney halter dress she wore as the couple rode to their post-wedding reception in a blue Jaguar.

Prince Harry is the "best husband ever", Meghan proclaimed with a smile on Thursday.

In an interview with ET on Monday, Oprah shot down rumors that she had showered the bride's mom with gifts in the hopes of getting an exclusive interview.

The editor of Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward, has announced that Meghan refers to the Queen as "Mama", putting a bit of a cutesy spin on the more traditional "Ma'am". They watched a musical and delighted as the children performed. It was followed by events including the unveiling of a plaque to officially open the Mersey Gateway Bridge.

"They are the linchpin of any member of the royal family's office, organizing their diaries, working schedules, and public engagements", English wrote.