Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne admits she will lose provincial election

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Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne is sticking to Toronto for the day, including a visit to a street festival.

Doug Ford won't say whether he'll march in Toronto's annual Pride parade if elected Ontario premier, prompting his rivals to question the Tory leader's support of the LGBTQ community.

So, here we are in the 21st century and we are getting ready to vote in a provincial election on June 7. People who told us they planned to vote for the NDP that year divided about half and half between the Liberals and Conservatives as their second choice; Conservative voters gave the Liberals their second choice by a two-to-one margin over the NDP, and Liberal voters gave their second choice to the PCs by about the same margin. And although the results of the election will be known Thursday, the people of Ontario may have to wait a while to know who will form what sort of government. Therefore, she says people should vote Liberal to ensure the other parties can not win anything except a minority.

She says she will keep campaigning up until Thursday and won't say if she will stay on a Liberal leader after the election.

Ms. Morrison said she brought her concerns to Ms. Wynne after the incident in 2013. But are there enough "progressive" votes that the NDP can pilfer off Liberals to pull off the most unlikely upset in Ontario election history?

Ontario's Liberals say the province's steel industry employs 16,000 people and accounts for 70 per cent of Canada's steel production capacity.

"Ontario wants change", Horwath said Friday.

My vote goes to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. In 2018, the NDP has the most popular leader in the province (who also has solid experience in and out of politics), and it also has a fully costed platform which addresses every one of the issues described above - health care including mental health care, gas prices, public transportation, hydro costs, education and more.

"I don't think we're there yet".

It's a decision all three Liberals say they hope voters aren't making lightly. "The reason is the strenght of the government's response and the kinds of things that Premier Wynne has done".

The credit card of the Ontario government is being declined by the voters.

"We need to do everything to make sure we get at least eight seats in the we can be in a position again to be a moderating influence on the other two parties", he said.

The latest polls have the NDP and the Progressive Conservatives neck-and-neck, with the Liberals floundering.

"You're not getting rid of me, I'm going to be campaigning really hard right through until that last vote is cast because those local fights are really, really important", she said. People worry that the NDP will raise taxes on small businesses, that they will take unemployment higher and job creation lower.