Italy slams Vettel for amateur error

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The Mercedes driver assumed a 14-point lead over title rival Sebastian Vettel in the championship standings. Vettel made contact with Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes), which damaged the front wing on the Ferrari, while Bottas had to nurse his vehicle back to the pits with a punctured rear tyre. Safety Car was a ideal recovery option for both Bottas and Vettel as they came back into the pits and changed to the yellow soft tires for a longer stint. Max had decent pace, but I could maintain the gap at around five seconds.

"When someone destroys your race through their error, and they get a tap on the hand, and are allowed to come back and finish ahead of the person they took out, it does not weigh up".

Vettel had to pit for a new front wing while Bottas suffered a puncture. An incensed Verstappen made his feelings clear after the race.

Ferrari's podium hopes fell back to Raikkonen, who was boosted by Ricciardo suffering debris damage to his front wing, slowing the Red Bull Racing vehicle enough to enable the Finn to cruise past him for third place on lap 47. Vettel received a five-second time penalty for the incident, and while Niki Lauda claimed that was lenient, Wolff is satisfied by the stewards' decision.

Verstappen was next in second place, but the Dutchman, having cruised in place since the first-lap carnage, was some 20 seconds up the road and unreachable.

"It really annoyed me and was stupid to ask".

Another driver whose F1 future is up in the air is Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo.

Vettel said: "I will not respond to that".

The Mercedes team reported that the Finn had a defective diffuser causing a decrease in downforce due to which Bottas was struggling to overtake even the midfield cars, however, the dirty air again played its part and Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas had to back off on many occasions.

"What I dislike is that they are so far away from the track", he admitted, "like you go to turn eleven and they're like a mile away from".

"I didn't have to work very hard for it but it's good to be in the podium". Championship rival Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) finished fifth. However, he still ended up rallying to finish the race in fifth place and score 10 points, while Bottas was only able to manage to climb back up to seventh and score six points.

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