India lauded for plan to beat plastic pollution

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He praised India for its growing focus on environmental protection but also noted that while traveling in the country he'd seen "some of the most lovely scenic places, but destroyed by plastic pollution".

The 20 feet long art work with a message "Beat Plastic Pollution" was created by Sahoo in a bid to create awareness among people to prevent the massive use of plastic to prevent pollution of earth. To help reduce waste and fight climate change, the Government of Canada has taken significant steps and is planning important new measures to protect the environment and promote clean growth, here at home and overseas. Are you with me to try every bit to eliminate all single use plastic from our world? "It's about being less wasteful, being smarter in how we design and use products, and protecting our own nations and also our common oceans", Solheim said.

Maharashtra has banned the use of plastic, but the Gujarat government is citing the probable loss of jobs to avoid such a measure.

Speaking on clean energy, the Prime Minister said, Government has targeted for generation of 175 GigaWatt of Solar and Wind energy by 2022. India is hosting this year's World Environment Day.

Plastic waste slowly degrades over time and breaks into smaller pieces called micro-plastic, which usually end up in the oceans and from there, potentially enter the food chain.

Stakeholders discuss beating plastic pollution of World Environment Day.

Half of all the plastic we produce is single-use or disposable.

On World Environment Day Bollywood celebs have been inspiring us by asking their followers to go plastic free and say no to plastic.

Today, plastic poses one of the greatest threats to our natural environment all the more so because it is both cheap and easily available. This year, India is the global host of the Wednesday in collaboration with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) with "Beat Plastic Pollution" as its theme.

"People all across the United Kingdom are on the same page: ocean plastic pollution needs tackling and it is urgent that supermarkets take meaningful action to reduce their plastic footprint now".

He said, three hundred million LED bulbs are being installed across India which has saved electricity and also prevented huge additional amounts of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

A symbol of multi-lateral unity, the International Solar Alliance, launched by India and France in 2015, now has more than 60 member states, he added.

The WOD is an initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme celebrated annually on June 8th with an aim of raising awareness about the significance of the marine environment.

"You need to set yourself achievable timelines but you also need to make sure there is meaningful progress".