FBI Hid Clinton Crimes, Created Russian Diversion

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What's more, Trump is completely ignoring the entire reason the Justice Department inspector general wrote this report: to look at whether the FBI mishandled the Clinton email investigation, not the Russian Federation probe. Earlier, the President had responded to the news of the Strzok text by tweeting, "Doesn't get any lower than that".

Concerned about the "appearance that former President Clinton was influencing" the probe, Lynch began talking to her staff the next morning about possibly recusing herself from overseeing the investigation, the report says.

The report suggests that text from Peter Strzok, who was later dropped from Muellers team, “implies a willingness to take official action to impact the presidential candidates electoral prospects.” It did not find evidence that those views seeped into the investigation.

"No. No he won't".

But he was removed from the post in July 2017 after thousands of emails and text messages became public, including one in which he promised "we'll stop him" if Trump won. "You go into the Federal Bureau of Investigation and take a poll of the real Federal Bureau of Investigation, not the scum on top, not Comey and that group of people, the total thieves", Trump said. "And there was total bias, total bias", he told "Fox and Friends" during an impromptu interview.

"The IG Report is a total disaster for Comey, his minions and sadly, the FBI", Trump tweeted.

Trump later added that he had tried to stay "uninvolved" in the Justice Department, stating Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was "not happy" with the IG report.

Trump has been eager for the report in hopes that it would vindicate his decision to fire Comey and undermine special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

His report about the 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server is the Ulysses of government reports - a universe in microcosm, a bottomless trove, an opus that will be studied for generations. or at least until the next big flap blows up on TV. It found that former FBI director James B. Comey wasn't biased, but he made judgment calls during the campaign that negatively affected Clinton, such as announcing the end of the investigation but criticizing her without first going up the chain of command, and announcing that he was reopening the investigation days before the election.

In response, FBI Director Christopher Wray said the FBI will review the inspector generals' findings and will take any appropriate action to hold people accountable.

The IG report cited repeated examples of intense partisan political bias among key FBI executives on the email investigation but concluded that "We did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that improper considerations, including political bias, directly affected the specific investigative decisions".

Trump himself said he had “reservations.”. He continued, "I think the Mueller investigation has been totally discredited". The report did not examine or make any conclusions about the continuing special counsel investigation. Still, he said he was not surprised by the inspector general's conclusion that Comey's actions weren't motivated by political bias.