Drake Shouldn't Have Put Michael Jackson On "Scorpion" Says Austin Brown

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Check out the album in full below.

And yet, on "Scorpion", he raps about his not-so-secret son multiple times ― it is a 25 track album after all ― touching upon the responsibilities of fatherhood and shedding some light on his alleged relationship with Brussaux, who he never refers to by name.

Many more uncredited vocalists can be heard on Scorpion's B Side, which already boasts features from Static Major, Ty Dolla $ign and a posthumous appearance from Michael Jackson.

Pusha T claimed on his song The Story of Adidon that Drake's son was named Adonis.

In recent times, Drake has captured the attention of the industry with his new album Scorpion, which one of many topics rapped about is the first child of the Toronto emcee that Pusha T exposed during their quick dance in the ring. "She not my lover like Billie Jean, but the kid is mine / [My mom] Sandi used to tell me all it takes is one time, and all it took was one time / S-t, we only met two times, two times", he reflects.

The album already has 4.5 stars out of 5 on iTunes and some reviewers who gave Scorpion 5 stars have said "heat god is back", "been waiting for this one", and "nobody needs to release anything else".

She documented her pregnancy and has shared photos of her baby on her Instagram.

Drake also makes it clear that things between him and the mother aren't great, saying, "Hopefully by the time you hear this me and your mother will have come around instead of always cutting each other down".

After weeks and months of rumors, Drake used his new album Scorpion to confirm that he does indeed have a young son. Even more hype than another Jay-Z verse, Drake managed to get the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, on his new project. "I knew that the component I brought to the table that he would, as I told him, break the code, and it did".

So that's new. Otherwise, Drake is content to rehash his familiar sorrows as he sleepwalks down the same melodic paths that's he's been following since 2011's "Take Care."

"I think that the diss had an effect on him personally and as an artist", said Scott, who said the song wouldn't put a dent in Drake's professional career. "We've got a great record".