Cleveland Cavaliers Interested In Trading For Kemba Walker

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O'Neal was traded from Miami to Phoenix during the 2007 season and spent the following year there as well. In the National Football League, for example, the lowly Cleveland Browns have, even if in jest, been linked to such a concept for years - the idea that any prolific player they could land might finally encourage a disappointed fan base to show up on Sundays.

"After I got to three, everybody was saying I couldn't get another".

While the Spurs forward has expressed a desire to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers this summer, the Cavaliers could provide Kawhi with everything he needs, which is a place where he will get paid, compete for a championship, and not be the center of attention on the team. OK, that kinda stinks (you got me), but keeping LeBron is worth every roster-altering risk.

You can make the case that going after rings, namely with the hope that he'd beat the Warriors to get them, is a bad idea. McMenamin also adds that the Cavs are more interested in using their top-10 pick on a playmaker, something that they utterly lacked in the playoffs outside of LeBron James.

James has until June 29 to exercise his $35.6 million contract option for next season or decline it and become an unrestricted free agent, officially making him the planet's best and most coveted player.

That's the price you pay having LeBron on your team.

He famously left Cleveland for the Heat in 2011 and proceeded to reach the Finals in four straight seasons, winning two of them.

"Somebody told me a long time ago - they said your book is already set". It's somewhat surprising that Cleveland would want to keep him if James ends up leaving. His mentality now is probably is: I want to get four before Steph [Curry] does. It's just something else to talk about, something else to add to the pages.

Sources said the Cavs front office and James camp have been in contact over the phone and in person, though there has been no meeting with James present, nor has there been any real dialogue as far as James future is concerned.