Apple's WWDC 2018 is here, and here's how to watch it

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A new report from Bloomberg also suggests this, with rumors that much like Google in Android P, Apple is going to make a new "Digital Health" feature created to help you better manage your time on your device a big focus of iOS 12.

Software updates and productivity tools are also expected to be unveiled at WWDC, Apple's annual developer conference in San Jose.

Apple could also spill the beans on its new, more powerful MacBook and iPad devices.

The keynote address begins Monday at 1:00 P.M. Eastern Time.

IOS 12 will finally allow iPhones and Apple Watches to work with NFC-enabled transit systems, ID systems, auto doors, and more.

Apart from the possibility of additional cross-platform applications, which would definitely give it a boost, MacOS 10.14 could also see a much needed redesigned App Store. He said apps launched on iOS 12 will launch 40 percent faster, the keyboard will launch 50 percent faster and the "swipe to take photo" feature will load 70 percent faster. At WWDC, Apple typically previews new versions of its iOS and MacOS operating systems months ahead of releasing the finished software to the public.

But like anything else in Apple's world, this is all speculation based on rumors and comments from a slew of unidentified sources who claim to have knowledge of the company's plans. In January, two major shareholders wrote a letter to Apple asking the company to add more parental controls and to study the impact of excessive iPhone usage on mental health.

This year, analysts think Apple will focus on incremental improvements to make its software more reliable - and be less disruptive in our lives.

There's still no word as to when Apple is planning on launching it, Users are hoping that they will get an update on it at the keynote this year. "As part of new software called "ARKit 2.0" internally, the company has been planning a new mode that would let users play AR games against each other in the same virtual environment", mentioned Bloomberg.

Mac, iPhone and iPad users Users of Apple devices including Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can watch WWDC live with the help of Apple's own Safari browser. Apple could re-introduce AirPower, an accessory it announced last September that hasn't gone on sale yet.