Apple CEO Tim Cook

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"They are likely to make it really harder to utilize trackers for creating unique fingerprints by collecting data about the devices in use", stated to Federighi.

"We have never been about maximizing the number of times you pick [the phone] up, the number of hours that you use it", Cook said. "This year, we're shutting that down".

Apple CEO Tim Cook, whose company has tried to distinguish itself from rivals by playing up its privacy protections, has repeatedly criticised Facebook in recent months over its data collection practices.

But, if it proves to be popular, the possibility of Google adopting a similar feature for Chrome, both on desktop operating systems and its Android mobile operating system, would increase the pressure on Facebook to react.

The Apple boss briefly insisted on how their way of operation was different from any other companies and how they never requested any personal data and information from Facebook because it was not suitable and it did not fit with Apple's way of operating.

Federighi did not name Facebook during his speech, but he did use the social media giant as an example when he shared a screenshot of the new Safari feature in action. As part of what Apple says is a commitment to digital privacy, the company's Safari web browsers for Mac computers, iPhones and iPads will start showing pop-up alerts to people every time they're surfing a website that is beaming information on their activity back to the mother ships at Facebook or other companies. Safari will share a "simplified" profile to thwart this, Apple said.

Elsewhere, Cook told CNN that governments needed to step in and regulate tech firms, because "this privacy thing has gotten totally out of control". While Facebook generates revenue from ads targeted with detailed information about users, Apple makes most of its money selling hardware products. And in demonstrating App Limits, the app that got cut off was Instagram, which Facebook owns. Lax policies around sharing data with third parties led to the leak of Facebook user information to consultancy Cambridge Analytica, which worked on Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Apple's software-focused event on Monday was a momentous moment - for Facebook Inc.

The changes also come amid, including Apple, for designing devices and services that encourage what many have called a kind of addiction among their users.

According to the iOS announcement, Apple is adding enhancements to prevent tracking of users.