Mowgli Trailer: The dark version of The Jungle Book

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Having its first look revealed at last month's Cinemacon, it was only a matter of time before the Andy Serkis directed Mowgli trailer made an appearance.

Good new for Rudyard Kipling fans because less than two years since we last had a live adaptation of The Jungle Book, a second one is heading to big screens.

Warner Bros is coming up with the darkest possible version of Rudyard Kipling's beloved story, starring Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch, Naomie Harris and Tom Hollander.

Rohan Chand, the child actor who is playing the title character of Mowgli - already has the internet buzzing and as expected comparisons have geun between him and the kid in Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book - Neel Sethi. Director Andy Serkis says it is not a fairy tale, and the audience should not expect singing and dancing animals in the film. The human cast of Mowgli includes Matthew Rhys as Lockwood and Freida Pinto as Messua. Under the tutelage of Baloo and Bagheera, he becomes accepted by the animals as one of their own, except for the fearsome Shere Khan.

From the trailer, it seems like Mowgli will be similar, yet different in many ways. Christian Bale voices Bagheera, Benedict Cumberbatch plays Shere Khan and Cate Blanchett plays Kaa.

The film is scheduled to release worldwide on October 19.

The trailer for Mowgli, Serkis' ambitious cinematic project, has just launched, and gives fans a taste of the darkness Serkis believes has been missing from previous versions of the tale.

The trailer opens on a gloomy note, where we see Mowgli caught in a cage by village people. Rohan Chand is portraying the titular character of Mowgli in the film. Make sure to catch the latest adaptation of The Jungle Book when it finally debuts, and while you're at it, head over to Cinemablend's movie premiere guide to see what other films 2018 has in store! Serkis will also play the part of Baloo the bear in the film.